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Electric mosquito swatter shopping tips

In the summer, flies and mosquitoes began to wreak havoc again. The listing of electric mosquito swatters has provided a lot of convenience for the people to eliminate mosquitoes and flies. This summer, the electric mosquito swatter this small appliance once again staged and became a hot commodity.
Electric mosquito swatter is favored
 "You look at this electric mosquito swatter, its battery energy is slightly larger, the power is naturally larger, and the mosquitoes in the group are not in the air." On the morning of May 30, in the supermarket in the city, the salesperson took An electric mosquito swatter is introduced to the customer.
The reporter saw in the sales area of ​​the electric mosquito swatter that electric mosquito swatters of various sizes and styles were placed neatly on the shelves, and customers came from time to time to buy. "I bought an electric mosquito swatter last year. It feels very convenient to use. I plan to buy another one this year." "There are children in the family, who use mosquito coils to be afraid of taste, affecting children's rest. It is very convenient to use this electric mosquito swatter. It’s safe.” The public exchanged their experiences when purchasing electric mosquito swatters.
The salesperson told the reporter that the weather was just a little hot this year, and the electric mosquito swatter was put on the shelf. As the temperature continues to rise, the sales of electric mosquito swatters are also increasing. Most of the time, they sold dozens of electric mosquito swatters a day. The price of electric mosquito swatters ranges from 10 yuan to tens of yuan. Like many small household appliances, electric mosquito swatters are also favored at moderate prices.
According to industry insiders, many people can easily forget to charge when they use the mosquito swatter. The energy of the electric mosquito swatter battery will be exhausted in three months. If it is not charged in time, it will damage the battery. If the battery that is the "heart" of the electric mosquito swatter is destroyed, the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, when the electric mosquito swatter is not used, it is reminded that it is best to charge the electric mosquito swatter once a month, which will protect the electric mosquito swatter and prolong its life.
Electric mosquito swatter purchase has "mystery"
The price of electric mosquito swatter is not high, it is very simple to use, as long as it is swung in the air to eliminate mosquitoes and flies. So, how to pick a mosquito swatter? How to buy an electric mosquito swatter? There are also mysteries.
According to industry insiders, electric mosquito swatter should pay attention to three elements in the purchase: "quality", "power supply mode" and "power grid selection". In terms of quality, due to the simple manufacturing process and low production cost of electric mosquito swatter, many electric mosquito swatters sold are small processed products. Therefore, it is recommended that people try to choose a high-quality product with a certain hardness and thickness of the external material and a smooth and detailed joint to ensure the service life and effect. On the other hand, the mode of power supply is also very important. At present, the electric mosquito swatter on the market has two kinds of power supply modes: a battery type and a rechargeable type, wherein the charging type is completed by charging the rechargeable battery; and the battery type is to ensure the power supply of the fly swatter by replacing the battery. In these two ways, people are recommended to purchase battery type, because the battery type electric mosquito swatter has a simpler structure, lower failure rate and cheaper price, which is more suitable for home use.
In addition, electric mosquito swatter should pay attention to the choice of power grid when purchasing. The electric mosquito swatter is the effect of eliminating mosquitoes and flies through the instantaneous discharge of the power grid, so the power grid is the key component of the electric mosquito swatter. The electric mosquito swatters that are currently sold have two types of single-layer power grids and three-layer power grids. It is recommended that people choose three-layer power grids for better use. In addition, the size of the grid determines the accuracy of culling mosquitoes and flies, so it is recommended that people try to purchase products with larger grid areas.